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customized in e-learning 

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Lessons in and. individual learning.
Choose your Master!

On this page you can book your lesson directly with a click. If you are preparing a role, a concert or simply want to deepen and refine the technical / interpretative aspects of opera singing,  s choose your Maestro   and you can follow and train comfortably from home
With a single lesson you will have free access to the MEDIA Community ​ ec with a package of at least 4 lessons you can switch to the TOP Community

1. Open your community profile

2.  Connect your credit card or PayPal to the portfolio
3. Go to the teacher you want to study with and book the lesson and time you like best from the calendar based on availability.

4. You will be sent a confirmation email with the parameters for the zoom link referring to the day and time you have chosen to take the lesson.

5. Start the program 5 minutes earlier on the day of the lesson and you will be directly connected to the teacher.