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 LIVE Academy

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Singing school 

Courses and activities


#  Personalized lessons in person and online.


#  Highly specialized Masters by great teachers and singers of international fame

#  Acting courses for opera productions

# Courses dedicated to vocology, to learn how to use safe and effective methods

#  Muscle awareness courses for the awareness of your body.

# Courses to learn how to promote yourself in the art world

# Make-up and Hairstyling related to the entertainment sector

# Alongside music there will be experimental courses such as: Yoga, the study of energy points and body relaxation .

Bella vecchio teatro

Master in Theater
Highly specialized Master in Theater and intensive courses

National Opera Theater Academy Music  
it also offers live training with master's cycles and courses in theater or in suggestive places in Emilia Romagna.
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Master Live

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Opera studio X XL online and in person

Opera Studio XXL online and in person is to all intents and purposes a complete experience, with all the characteristics of an academic path in which the lessons, both practical and theoretical, take place online,   Il The program includes personalized individual and group lessons with masters, courses, lessons and performances. Along the way, concerts in streaming, recordings and much of the material necessary to learn how to promote oneself in the art world will be produced.


Individual lessons

on line

8 Personalized advanced lessons

Group Master

on line

4 group singing masters

on line

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Opera studio 

live and online

Staging of an opera in an Italian theater


online and in person

All groups of METAVOICE

marketing, social, biolyric, voice wellness study