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Abilità professionali artistiche e digitali

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Courses for the acquisition of ancillary skills to singing.
Management, marketing, social, vocal and psychophysical well-being of the artist.



Auditions, concerts, video clips, competitions, are changing their "live" mode to "On-line", acquire skills to be effective.
How to prepare for the web. Auditions, video clips, youtube, social media, marketing

How to record in uno  studio recording Teacher Andrea Felli.

Body expressiveness in a video clip for auditions, streaming Teacher Barbara Sirotti

Curriculum, auditions,   repertoire, recognition of one's skills
Teacher Sofia Nagast

Social media for an artist. Youtube, facebook, instragram.
Teacher Paolo Sbalzer

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The singer is an athlete and as such in order to keep the body healthy and performing, he needs to apply strategies and acquire training methods.
Techniques and methods to activate the body, give it elasticity, acquire greater proprioception and connection with the mind.
"Emotions and relaxation"
Through bodycare exercises, visualizations, meditations and quantum Bioresonance Genius insight.
Docent and Raffaella Massa ri

Gyrokinesis method. The body in space through the dance movement. Teacher Laura Catrani

Gymnastics for opera singers. Activation of the abdominal muscles and mobility of the diaphragm.
Teacher Juljia Kayet Samsonova

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How to prepare for a performance.
Performance on stage, expressive difference between concert, audition and opera. Motivation and stage stress.


Face and body interpretation. Staticity and differentiation between the different singing performances. Facial expressiveness 
Teacher Della del Cherico

Fear as energy "Using the HELM health Embodiment Learning Method, which integrates Gestalt Psychology, the Grimberg Method and Bioresonance Genius Insight

Psychology teacher. Raffaella Massari i
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The packages we offer are dedicated
the deepening of two fundamental sectors for the artist:  
-  ART  WEB new frontiers of the opera singer in the digital age.
- WELLNESS OF THE VOICE health and well-being of voice and body
The workshops will be offered upon expiry with interactive online group lessons.

By purchasing a package you will have free access to the TOP Community for 3 months.
1. Open your community profile

2.   Connect your credit card or PayPal to the portfolio
3. Go to the teacher you want to study with and book the lesson and time you like best from the calendar based on availability.

4. You will be sent a confirmation email with the parameters for the zoom link referring to the day and time you have chosen to take the lesson.

5. Start the program 5 minutes earlier on the day of the lesson and you will be directly connected to the teacher.