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for  opera singers and collaborating pianists

MUSIC NOTE  announces an audition to meet new singers and musicians, in view of the opera productions of 2015/2016. New talents will be given the opportunity to debut in traditional works. The selected singers will be part of the NOTE MUSIC carnet and will be engaged in concerts and operas based on the organization of productions and collaborations with other bodies and associations. It is understood that Nota MUSIC as an association and promoter of classical / lyric music and above all of young talents, will report the chosen ones to bodies and associations that already provide NOTE MUSIC for the realization of their musical productions.

In this process, NOTE MUSIC will assist the connection between organizations and musicians / singers without receiving any compensation and will act solely and exclusively as a promoter.


1) Regulation

The auditions are open to opera singers and collaborating pianists of all nationalities, ages and vocal registers.

Aimed at:

Cognitive auditions for the inclusion of singers in the NOTE MUSIC association booklet and for the realization of works and shows to be realized in 2015/2016

The works chosen for the audition on 27 and 28 June 2015 are:  


"La Bohème" by G. Puccini, "Elisir  D'amore "by G. Donizetti," Conveniences and theatrical inconveniences "by G. Donizetti," Traviata "by G. Verdi," Gianni Schicchi "G. Puccini," Sister  Angelica "by G. Puccini," Barber of Seville "by G. Rossini," Bastiano and Bastiana "by WA Mozart.


Projects in the near future:


Realization of the staging of "Serva Padrona" at the end of 2015 and beginning of 2016. The realization will take place at the E. Pazzini theater in Verucchi (RN)


Realization of the staging of Mozart's "Bastiano and Bastiana"  in in   collaboration with the association "All Classic Music" with a debut on August 28 in Santarcangelo di Romagna (Rn) following the master  (for a fee)  which will be held from 19 to 27 August 2015. The audition will indicate a singer who will be able to perform the master for free. A small tour will follow in the theaters of Romagna and Tuscany in 2016. The subsequent performances provide for a reimbursement of expenses.  Trainer Monica Boschetti, directed by Alberto Guiducci, Director Claudio Casadei.

Opportunity to audition in the presence of personalities from the opera scene such as Agents,   Internationally renowned directors, artistic directors and musicians. The jury  will be made public 15 days before the deadline for registration for the audition.


Realization of the Bohème by G. Puccini in the 2015/2016 season.  


2) Place of the hearings
The auditions will take place in Bellaria Igea Marina at the "Kas8 Cultural Center" (casotto)


3) Date of the hearings
The hearings will take place
  in the days of:
Saturday 27 June
Sunday 28 June


4) Deadline for registrations
Monday 21 June
Any out-of-term registrations may be accepted at the sole discretion of the Organizers.


5) Registration fee
The registration fee for the auditions is € 20.00.
The figure includes the expenses of organization and the pianist available to the Candidates.


6) How to register
The candidate must send an email to with the following attachments:


- the completed registration form
- a curriculum vitae (maximum one A4 sheet)
- A photo

- Copy of the receipt of the payment of Euro 20.00, to be made by:

➢ Bank transfer to:


From Italy IBAN:  IT 24 AND 08574 67821 000000531342

From abroad BIC code: ICRAITRRFY0


Reason: registration of hearings in June 2015. Indicate the name of the member.


If you wish, the payment can also be paid on the day of the audition which will be limited in number, priority will be given to whoever pays the fee in time.



Following the application form, the candidate will receive an email with the registration confirmation.



7) Audition program


1) The candidate must present 2 arias of his choice from the Opera repertoire (lyric or baroque including recitative if applicable).
2) Who intends to present himself for the roles of the operas "Serva padrona" and "Bohemè" must present the air of the chosen role.
For the various main and supporting roles, the candidate may indicate in the registration form the role (s) for which he intends to present himself.


3) The candidate must present a copy of the chosen arias for the accompanying pianist and perform them by heart.

4) The Commission will listen to the program in its entirety.




1) The candidate will choose a piece from the operas: Pergolesi's "Serva padrona", Puccini's "Bohème", G. Verdi's "Traviata", and during the performance mention the vocal part.


2) The commission will choose a piece extrapolated from Pergolesi's "Serva padrona", from Puccini's Bohème or  from "Traviata" by G. Verdi and the pianist will have to accompany a singer made available to the organization.


3)  It will also require the performance of a piece at first sight chosen by the Commission.


For further information call the Association Secretariat at:
+39 331 435 4533
  from Monday to Friday from 11:00 to 17:00.

How to reach  


KAS8 CENTER Via Ravenna 75 Bellaria Igea Marina (RN)



Rimini Nord exit. Proceed towards Bellaria Igea Marina. Follow on ss 16 adriatica exit Igea Marina. Follow direction Bellaria, via Ravenna 75  




Igea Marina di Rimini railway station, Ravenna line.

From the station you can take a shuttle that will take you directly to the center. The shuttle must be booked according to the scheduled times. Request in mail.

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