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National Opera Theater Academy Music wants to be a strength in the training landscape for all those singers and musicians who not only need to learn technique and musicality but also for all those who are becoming entrepreneurs of themselves.

To start a career it is necessary to have opportunities to try oneself in the world of entertainment and the cultural sphere, and this is where the Academy comes into play, bringing the artist to experiment and debut in opera roles, in concerts and in record productions.


Gruppo teatrale

Audizione 2022/23 

Audizioni ruoli "la Bohème" di G. Puccini 

Produzione N.O.T.A. MUSIC

Iscrizioni aperte sino al 31 dicembre 2022


International Composition Competition

for voice and piano on texts by poets and writers of the Case Museo di Romagna


MUSIC NOTE Create link between training structures, for example universities, academies in Europe and abroad.


​Audition for singers for the creation of new forms of entertainment, specifically opera and classical music, conforming to the need for small and large theaters, making creation a form of personal experience for direct collaborators.



​Recreation of record projects

NOTE MUSIC has an active collaboration relationship with the professional recording studio FARMHOUSE  

and the TACTUS record company of Bologna.

In addition to the recording of chamber opera projects, Nota MUSIC collaborates in the drafting of record projects with young artists.


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